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                                     Pilates Homework

First 3 Minutes:  Begin lying on your back or on a foam roller, practicing your breathing.  Focus on alignment of the spine on the roller or the floor.  Using your abdominals and your breath, send energy down through each vertebra toward the roller or floor, so that the entire spine is in contact with the roller or the floor.  


                Abdominal Strenthening:

Pilates Principles:  Breath; Control, Centering, Concentration, Precision, Flow, Breath & Two-Way Energy Flow

Abdominal Curls (8x)

Exercise Sequence:  Lie on your back with the knees bent, the hands behind the head and the elbows wide.  Inhale to prepare and exhale as you begin the curl.

Engage the abs and as you begin a chest lift, tilt your chin toward your chest and draw your ribs towards your hips.

Imagine your head is the top of a tree; your neck is the trunk; and the roots of the tree extend all the way to the bottom of the ribs.  Lift the head from the bottom of the ribs.  To begin the chest lift, tuck the chin in toward the chest as if you are holding a lemon between your chin and your sternum.  Inhale as your roll back down with control.

Oblique Abdominals (8x each side)

Exercise Sequence:  Lie on your back with the knees bent and both hands behind the head (or one hand behind the head and the other hand reaching across the body).  Keep the elbows wide, hollow the abdominals and rotate the torso as the head lifts.

Keep the pelvis still as the upper torso rotates.  Imagine you have a glass of water on your abdomen and try not to spill it as the torso rotates.  Reach the elbow or hand toward the opposite knee and feel the bottom of the ribcage drawing closer to the opposite hip.

Lumbopelvic Stability

Marching Knee Folds (10 repetitions)

Exercise Sequence:  Lie on your back with your knees bent and both feet on the floor.  Feel equal pressure on the back of the pelvis.  Hollow the absominals and lift one foot off the floor without changing what happens


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